What will you learn in this live course?


Thank you very much for enrolling in this live course. We are glad you are here!

Although everyone is welcome, this course is intended for users who are somewhat familiar with the Pointwise mesh generation software, its GUI layout, and its basic functionality. In other words, if you have been using our software for some time and would like to become familiar with the latest additions to Pointwise V18.5 designed to streamline your meshing process, this is the course for you!

Throughout this live course, we will also show you the best approaches to many common meshing challenges and how to use some expert tips and tricks to make your meshing jobs easier. Additionally, since this is a live course taught by engineers in the Pointwise AE Team at Cadence, we do encourage participants to ask as many questions as needed. We want to make sure that you take full advantage of this opportunity. It is an investment in yourself that will pay off for you and your company.

Tip: Go ahead, get excited about what you will learn in the upcoming lecture!

What will you learn in this course?

Using demonstrations and the opportunity for hands-on experiences, in the New Features in Pointwise V18.5 course we review the following concepts:

Why do we recommend this course?

At Cadence we do believe that a continuum education approach to engineering is a must in order to successfully solve complex problems in today's world were everything changes constantly. With this view in mind, we do think that it is very important to keep your Pointwise skills sharp and up-to-date!

The materials and walk-through exercises presented in this course are designed specifically to get you up to speed with the latest additions to the Pointwise V18.5 mesh generation software as fast as possible. Additionally, this live course offers the opportunity to interact with engineers in the Pointwise AE Team at Cadence to get all your questions answered.

Need more information?

Please review the Get Help lecture to learn how to:

  • Access the User Manual for information about any feature in Pointwise
  • Access the Glyph Manual Pages for information about any Glyph function
  • Access the Glyph Reference Manual for general information about Tcl/Glyph scripting (Help, Glyph Reference Manual)
  • Access the Tutorial Workbook (Help, Tutorial Workbook)
  • Contact the Pointwise AE Team at Cadence to get all your meshing and scripting questions answered by one of our engineers