A Brief History of Pointwise


This is the first lecture in the Pointwise Mesh Generation Foundations online class.

The main idea behind this online class is to help you become a better mesh generator from the comfort of your home or office. The class is suitable for everyone; even those with no previous experience using Pointwise.

Even though this online class includes a detailed overview of the software (including thorough coverage of the graphical user interface, interaction, and customization), the modular organization of the material offers the flexibility of reviewing the sections of most interest to you whenever, wherever, and at your own pace.

Throughout this class, we will also show you the best approaches to many common meshing challenges and how to use some expert tips and tricks to make your meshing jobs easier. It is an investment in yourself that will pay off for you and your company.

Tip: Go ahead, get excited about what you will learn in the upcoming lectures!

What will you learn in this lecture?

Let us go ahead and get started, shall we?

In this lecture, we present an introductory overview of the Pointwise software as well as a brief stroll through the pages of history to discover how Pointwise, Inc. got started. Additionally, we introduce some basic computational fluid dynamics (CFD) definitions that will be used throughout the course.

Why do we recommend this lecture?

It is important to become familiar with basic CFD definitions right from the beginning. Keep in mind that using proper terminology is essential to accurately communicate your thoughts and ideas in a technical setting.

Need more information?

Please review the Get Help lecture to learn how to:

  • Access the User Manual for information about any feature in Pointwise
  • Access the Glyph Manual Pages for information about any Glyph function
  • Access the Glyph Reference Manual for general information about Tcl/Glyph scripting (Help, Glyph Reference Manual)
  • Access the Tutorial Workbook (Help, Tutorial Workbook)
  • Contact the Pointwise AE Team at Cadence to get all your meshing and scripting questions answered by one of our engineers

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