Getting Familiar with Pointwise Terminology

What will you learn in this lecture?

This lecture contains an overview of basic computational fluid dynamics (CFD) terminology as well as terminology specific to Pointwise. Keep in mind that it is very important to take the time to become familiar with this terminology as it is used not only throughout this class but also in all the other materials made available to our users: Pointwise website, Pointwise User Manual, webinars and videos in the Pointwise YouTube channel, Glyph scripts in the Pointwise GitHub page, Tutorial Workbook (available from the Help menu option in the Pointwise software interface), etc.

In this particular lecture, we discuss:

  • The basic CFD terminology used by Pointwise and by the CFD community.
  • The terminology specific to Pointwise.

Why do we recommend this lecture?

Before beginning our in-depth discussion of the Pointwise graphical user interface (GUI) and the functionality available in the software, it is important to ensure familiarity with basic CFD and Pointwise-specific terminology.

Understanding and using the proper terminology ensures fluent and efficient technical communication not only between you and your coworkers but also between you and Pointwise staff should the need for assistance during your mesh generation work arise.

Need more information?

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Please review the Get Help lecture to learn:

  • Different ways to find more information about any feature in Pointwise.
  • How to contact the Pointwise Team to get all your meshing questions answered by one of our experienced engineers.