Getting Help

What will you learn in this lecture?

Houston... we've got a problem!

Have you ever had a question or encountered a roadblock and weren't sure how to find a solution? Then this lecture is for you. Here we will teach you hpw to find and use the various resources Pointwise has to offer:

  • How to use and navigate the User Manual
  • How to use and navigate the Glyph Manual Pages
  • How to access the Glyph Reference Manual
  • How to access the Tutorial Workbook
  • How to reach the Get Help page on the Pointwise website

If you still aren't sure how to find the solution you are looking for, there is no need to worry. You can always contact Pointwise for technical support. This lecture also covers how to contact us by phone or email and where to find useful information (such as your customer ID and the Pointwise version number) which will help to expedite the process.

Tip: If you encounter a problem while building your mesh or writing your script that you cannot resolve on your own, please don't delay contacting the Engineering Services Team. We are here to help!

Why do we recommend this lecture?

Most questions can be quickly answered by simply being familiar with the software and knowing where to find information when needed. Even though we encourage users to contact the Engineering Services Team when the need arises, finding solutions on your own could prove to be faster in some cases. To this end, we offer a vast array of resources that constitute a powerful tool for improving your understanding of Pointwise and for learning the recommended meshing and scripting best practices.

It is important that you become familiar with the available resources right from the start. This will enable you to triage common meshing and scripting problems on your own if so desired. If this fails, it is also important to know how you can contact us to get all your Pointwise-related questions answered thoroughly and professionally.